Fully sublimated jerseys, with your choice of 2 fabrics- solar silk and athletic mesh, both 100% polyester and both are dri-fit material. We begin with a roll of white fabric, print the image out and press under a big press at 400 degrees for about 30 seconds. Then we cut it out and get it sewn together. These are the most popular jerseys.

*Colors and sizes are not guaranteed. 

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Sublimated all over a pre-existing jersey, still 100% polyester and also dri-fit material. We begin with a pre-existing jersey, get the design printed out. Lay the back part of the print out on the big press, lay the jersey on top of that and then lay the front print out on top of that and press that at 400 degrees for about 30 seconds. This process flattens the jerseys.

*Colors and sizes are not guaranteed.

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Partially sublimated on pre-existing, 100% polyester, dri-fit  jerseys. With this process, we take an image and press on a smaller press at about 380 degrees for about 45 seconds. And then we flip the jersey over and press the back image. These are the most cost effective jerseys if you are looking for something basic, meaning logo on the front with name and number on the back. 

*Colors and sizes are no guaranteed.

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Not 100% sure what you​ want to order yet?

Stop by our new shop. We now have a large production room to allow you to see the work getting done and see the process on how everything works. We also have samples for you to look at and touch to decide what will fit your needs exactly.